Sin City
City lights at night time is beautiful. Do you agree or disagree?
The concept of this work is to provide an experience of being a labor force.
However, in addition, there are another story we wanted to tell through the experience, which is there are is always something beyond us that work hard and light up the city. The sky at night is beautiful. City-light is also beautiful.
And yet, why do we feel so devastated?

Art & Technology Tohoku 2017, Special Jury Prize
Size: 1300x1300x1462mm
Materials: mixed media

Art: Yuka Sai
Art: Ayana Nishigaya
Technology: Maya Masuda
Technology: Mizuki Hamasaki​​​​​​​
Exhibition: 心に触れる装置展
Sin City
Exhibit at 心に触れる装置展
Media Center 2F, MMLS, the Campus of SFC