Yuka Sai is a creator, who is involved in creations from various fields. As production manager of movie-making, such as TV commercials, music videos, and web movies, she is learning the way to produce large-scale creations. Through her experience of creating artworks by collaboration across various fields, and using a wide range of mediums and materials, she also works as a model, illustrator, and graphic designer. 
1999  Born in Tokyo
2017  International Baccalaureate Diploma, total 33 points
2017  Exhibition 心に触れる装置展 “Sin City”
2018  Selected to 100BANCH GARAGE PROGRAM, “Room con-Anima
2019  Solo Exhibition “Room
2019  Exhibition SFC Creative Week “FS*4 Lab”
2019  Exhibition SFC Open Research Foram 2019
2020  Exhibition SICF21 "Reality Fuzzification"
2021  B.A. in Keio University SFC, Japan

2017  “Sin City”  Art&Technology Tohoku, Special Jury Prize
2020  "FS*4 Lab"  26th Campus Genius Contest Nomination
2020  "UNLABELED"  ISCA2020 Digital Content Category 1st Prize
2020  "UNLABELED"  60th ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS Creative Innovation GOLD Prize
2020  "UNLABELED"  24th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL Entertainment Division Jury Prize
2022  "PLAY YOUR LIFE :)" JAC AWARD 2022 Director div. FINALIST